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Rhizome R&D is a design strategy consultancy for early-stage product teams.

95% of innovation ventures fail.(1)
The #1 reason:
Insufficient user understanding.
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Kasey Klimes

Design Researcher
‍Rhizome R&D
World-Scale Augmented Reality
Intl. Urban Design & Digital Systems
Regional Field Operations
M.C.P. & Student Instructor
“We were feeling our way through totally uncharted and treacherous terrain – Kasey was the one lighting the way."

–Alex Komoroske, Director, Product Management at Google

“Rhizome R&D brought intellectual rigor and proven research processes, but also a robust belief that we are pursuing something of value, with sincere interest in our success."

—Josh Silverman, Head of Design at MeetingPulse

Kasey upleveled research and product direction for our org. His insatiable curiosity drives a uniquely expansive approach; he studies problems from multiple vantage points and fuses interdisciplinary thinking into powerful strategic tools."

–Greg Neiswander, Senior Staff Research Manager at Google

“Rhizome R&D's Strategy Workshop was an extremely productive exercise — it brought together a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional team in a way that was valuable, efficient, and fun."

—Marielle Gross, MD, MBE, Johns Hopkins University

“Rhizome helped us understand our users' mental model of an existing feature we wanted to redesign. In doing so, they brought much-needed nuance to a problem we were thinking about far too linearly."

–Alessandro Mingione, Designer at Tailscale



From 3 week Lightweight Probes to 5-8 week Strategic Studies and beyond, we have a range of programs designed to take you into the mind of your user.


Leverage the knowledge and creativity of your team with our workshops, designed to turn ambiguity into concrete plans of action.


Upskill your team for customer discovery. Designers, PMs, and engineers will learn how to systematically uncover value opportunities.

Insight for innovators.

Successful innovation depends on your knowledge about your user. Rhizome R&D is your partner in the development of this critical knowledge and its application to make superior choices clear.

We will provide your team with deep insight into your users’ needs and mental models. You will meet your users and understand the way they think in new light. We’ll build clarity and confidence, so you can focus on building your vision.

Your team will benefit from the proven research strategies we’ve developed while leading innovation research at top institutions around the world, and launching successful products to over a billion users.

We offer dedicated engagements of embedded research, working closely with your team to generate and socialize actionable insights and strategy. Together, we will learn more in a few weeks than most teams learn in years.

If you’re an early-stage team pushing the envelope of innovation, let’s connect. We’d love to learn about the uncharted territory you’re exploring.

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When to Design for Emergence

In order to meet long-tail user needs in a market context, designers must move beyond user-centered design and instead design for emergence.

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1. Based on Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen's 2019 study of 30,000+ product launches.